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Yi-Fang Wu

Associate Professor & Institute Chairman

Extension Number : 52508

E-mail: yifang@mail.ncku.edu.tw

Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Art Theory History, St. Petersburg Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture

Research Expertise:  Study on Art, History of Western Art, Study on Artistic Styles, Art Criticism

Responsible Courses:  Aesthetics, Research Methodology on Visual Arts, The History of Art Exchange Between the East and the West, Western Art Review, Seminar on Western Art Theories...

Te-Yu Shih

Distinguished Professor

Extension Number: 52523

E-mail: diana88613@yahoo.com.tw

Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Literature, New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies

Research Expertise: Ethnomusicology, History of Chinese Music, Chinese Traditional Musical

Responsible Courses: Research Methodology on Art Studies, Methodology of Music Research, Chinese Music History, Case Study on Music of Chinese Traditional Musical, Seminar on Taiwan Music...

Fan-Huei Chu


Extension Number: 52507

E-mail: chufaculty@gmail.com

Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Drama Study, University of Vienna

Research Expertise: Theories of Chinese and Western Drama, Study on Intercultural Theatre, Histories of Chinese and Western Drama and Theatre, Management and Practice of Theatre

Responsible Courses: Research Methodology on Art StudiesMethodology of Theatre/Drama, The History of Chinese and Western Drama and Theatre, Comments on Intercultural Theatre, Seminar on Performance Art...

Ya-Lun Wang


Extension Number: 52521

E-mail: z10302016@email.ncku.edu.tw

Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Western Art History, National Taiwan Normal University

Research Expertise: Theories of Contemporary Art, History of Western Art, Visual Art, Image Aesthetics, Visual Culture, Seminar on Taiwanese Art

Responsible Courses: Research Methodology on Art Studies, History of Contemporary Art, Research and Comment of Modern and Contemporary Visual Culture, Theme Study of Contemporary Art...

J. F. Yang

Associate Professor

Extension Number: 52520, 52501 

E-mail: domine@mail.ncku.edu.tw

Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research Expertise: Theories of Music, Theories of Systematic Musicology, Analysis on Music, Musicalsemiotics

Responsible Courses: Aesthetics, Music Criticism, Film Soundtrack Studies, Seminar on Musicals, Digital Music Composition

Chia-Pin Chen

Associate Professor

Extension Number: 52522

E-mail: gen0035@hotmail.com

Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Literature, National Central University

Research Expertise: Theories of Drama and Chinese Traditional Musical, Heritage Preservation and Digital Archives of Chinese Traditional Musical, Comparison of Chinese and Western Drama, Drama Production and Art Administration

Responsible Courses: Aesthetics, Heritage Preservation and Digital Archive ...

Wei-Chien Ma

Assistant Professor

Extension Number: 52525

E-mail: iamok13@gs.ncku.edu.tw

Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Chinese Language and Literature, University of Taipei

Research Expertise: Theatre Practice, Performance Art and Theatre Management, Theatre and Culture, Performance art and Social Concern, Movie Art and Life, Drama Psychology and Art Exploration, Media and Marketing Planning of Art and Culture, Planning and Management of Art and Cultural Programme

Responsible Courses: Performance Art and Creative Industry, Theatre Curation and Art Administration

Tz-Yun Hu

Project Assistant Professor

Extension Number: 52506

E-mail: hutzyun@gmail.com

Highest Degree: Ph.D. in Drama, University of Exeter

Research Expertise: Interdisciplinary Performance Art Directing, Modern Drama Guided Reading and Scenario Creation, Taiwanese Theatre and Globalization

Responsible Courses: Interdisciplinary Performance Practice ...

Chong-Ray, Hsiao

Professor Emeritus

Extension Number: 52500

E-mail: wei7414@ms38.hinet.net

Highest Degree: Master’s Degree in History, National Cheng Kung University

Research Expertise: History of Taiwanese Art, Taiwanese Culture and Aesthetics, History and Criticism of Art

Responsible Courses: Monographic Study on Taiwanese Art History (1)Monographic Study on Taiwanese Art History (2) 

Miss Liu

Extension Number: 52500

E-mail: em52500@email.ncku.edu.tw

Responsible Works: General Affairs