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Planning and Program Requirements

Required courses

Research Methodology on Art Studies
Seminar on Art

Major Disciplines Drama Music Fine Arts
Research methodology Methodology of Theatre/Drama Methodology of Music Research Research Methodology on Visual Arts
History The History of Chinese and Western Drama and Theatre Chinese Music History The History of Art Exchange Between the East and the West
History of Contemporary Art
Women Artists and Art History
Art theory
「classified as a seminar course」
Seminar on Performance Art
Seminar on Innovative Taiwanese Opera
Case Study on Music of Chinese Traditional Musical
Seminar on Taiwan Music
Seminar on Ethnomusicology
Seminar on Western Art Theories
Theme Study of Contemporary Art
Seminar on Postmodern Art
Seminar on Folk Art
Seminar on Environmental Aesthetics
Critical reviews Comments on Intercultural Theatre
Drama Bibliography and Theatre Review
Music Criticism Western Art Review
Research and Comment of Modern and Contemporary Visual Culture
Interdisciplinary studies
Compare on Chinese and Western Drama
Heritage Preservation and Digital Archive
Performance Art and Creative Industry
Creative Drama
Theatre Practices
Drama Therapy
Seminar on Novel, Movie, and Drama
Film Soundtrack Studies
Seminar on Musicals
Digital Music Composition
Visual Exhibition Space Research and Practice
Study of Image Aesthetics
Theory and Practice on Artistic Photography
Fieldwork on Formosan Aboriginal Art
Museum: History, Collection, and Contemporary Art Curation

Curriculum Requirements

  1. A minimum of 33 credits will be required for graduation, including six required course credits and 27 elective course credits.
  2. Required and elective courses are offered and scheduled as follows:
    Required courses:
    There are a total of three required courses with six credits established for each of the three major disciplines. One of them will be offered and scheduled for each discipline per semester.
    Research Methodology (3 credits/3 hours)
    Aesthetics (3 credits/3 hours)
    Seminar on Art (0 credits/2 hours)
    Elective courses:
    Students are required to complete at least one course in each of the five designated categories for their major discipline, and at least one course in each of the other two disciplines.
    A. Drama - 【Research methodology / History / Art theory / Critical review / Interdisciplinary study】
    B. Music - 【Research methodology / History / Art theory / Critical review / Interdisciplinary study】
    C. Fine Arts -【Research methodology / History / Art theory / Critical review / Interdisciplinary study】 
  3. Any course related to arts practice will be established as an elective course.
  4. For more information on curriculum requirements for graduation, please refer to The Regulations of the Graduate Institute of Art Studies for Program Requirements.